Fundly CRM has fantastic HTML email capabilities built in. However, for those looking to harness the power of MailChimp, we are proud to offer a two-way integration.

  • Create segments and push to MailChimp
  • Automatic update of contact records
  • See email history in the contact record in Fundly CRM for all communications sent through MailChimp


Wordpress is one of the most widely used CMS’s to manage websites. We have complete integration into WordPress of every single module in Fundly CRM.

  • Complete control over Style Sheets for all Fundly CRM Plugins to match your online brand presence.
  • Plugins for Event Listing and Ticketing, Donations (including Fund selection), Memberships (Join, Renew and Gift), Membership Directory, Shopping Cart and Profiles (including Constituent Profile Management, Transaction History, Event Tickets and Membership renewals)


Fundly CRM gives your organization the ability to map every single line item in your transactions/invoices to QuickBooks Online. With our automatic batch updating integration, your organization will have up-to-date information on every single donation, registration, or payment you need to track

  • Create invoices and receive payments from Fundly CRM’s Financials Module
  • Sync transactions with your QB Online — with automatic duplicate prevention
  • Saves hours of staff time through automation and eliminates need for importing and exporting data


Fundly CRM is fully integrated into one of the best, easiest to use Website CMS out there. Morweb empowers non-technical users to make changes directly on their website using drag and drop and click and type editing. Nonprofits love Morweb since it requires no coding and is very intuitive yet flexible, so you never have to compromise your communication due to technology.

  • Each Fundly CRM package comes with a corresponding website package completely free
  • Drag and drop widgets for Event Ticketing, Donations, Shopping Cart and Profiles
  • Out-of-box themes and templates makes website creation a breeze


Fundly CRM integrates Google Maps in a number of different ways to make data entry and event location listing easy.

  • Streamlined contact entry - Put in the street address and zip code and FundlyCRM will fill in the rest of the information
  • Event location - Put in the street address and zip code and Fundly CRM will automatically generate the Google Map of the location for your event listing
  • Find a constituent on Google Map with a click of a button


Donor Search takes the guess work out of fundraising, making it easy to find hidden major gift prospects in your donor list. With DonorSearch analytics and modeling, you can accurately determine which prospects are more likely to give in the future and give more. Fundly CRM provides one of the most comprehensive integrations in the industry.

  • Deep integration means all your constituent records with mailing addresses will automatically display four key metrics directly on the contact record
  • Upgrade features give you all key wealth data directly onto the contact record. No popups or redirects
  • Built in search with DonorSearch data means that you will now be segmenting and slicing the data directly in Fundly CRM
  • Integrated into advanced search and reporting


UJoin makes Advocacy easy. UJoin is a first of its kind app that gives you the same tools used by policy pros, along with some brand new innovations. Influence legislators, Import live bill data and build your list. 

  • Single sign-on
  • 2-way Contact sync
  • Automatic district update within FundlyCRM
  • View advocacy engagement directly in FundlyCRM
  • Integrated into Advanced Search and Reporting


Fundly CRM has deep integration with one of the easiest to use address verification tools out there.

  • Autofill, Verify and Geocode addresses
  • Address verification in batch or data entry mode so you never have to worry about bad addresses